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A minor girl who found unconscious condition in midnight.......

{Name and location are changed for the privacy of persons}
In event ID 7046, time at 1.15am a caller Lalit from Vaishno Dhaba, kalyan Road Pankharpur Called and told that a yonger girl aged nearly 16 years was sit out side of his Dhaba in unconscious conditiion.she was alone, and no body with her.
After recieved the call CRM dispatch the case to DCC/distt
DCC/distt called to MHC P.S. and told about girl.MHC told him that this information already received from UBER car driver, and this case is now deal ASI Natha Ram.DCC/distt called to ASI Natha Ram he replied that his duty was off now other officer will deal it, but he gave us UBER car driver mobile number.DCC/distt called to Driver and asked about girl, he replied that he waited some time for police, then he left the girl near Akbar Hotel govind road Pankharpur.
Now situation is very critical because girl was alone and uncoutious on road in mid night, any mis happening can happen with her, so now our priority is find and safe the girl first.
I (supervisor) called again to caller Lalit and asked about girl, he told that girl was layed on ground out side his dhaba, we caution him for observe her and told him that police will reach there in very short time.
Then i called to MHC PS and said him send immediately police help to girl and take in safe custody.He deputed ASI and a Lady constable ASI and lady constable reached on spot and took that girl safe custody and bring her to police station. That girl was influence of liquar and unable to told her name and address.
Police wait till morning, and girl was under observation of lady constable in police station.
At morning i called again to MHC PS and asked about that girl condition.MHC replied that girl came conscious and told her home address , now they are sending her to her home with lady constable.
Now dial-112 mission is fully completely.
A minor girl who found unconscious condition in midnight on the road , get back her home safely.

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